ONE DAY Client agrees to engage our service. Invoice is generated for payment.
ONE DAY TO FOUR DAYSClient makes full payment directly to our company’s bank account at UOB, mail out cheque payment or credit card payment according to terms in Invoice.
If cheque is mailed out, the filing application will be processed upon clearance of cheque.
ONE DAYSearches and appropriate specifications generated for trademark class to be filed.
ONE DAYVerification and clearance from client prior to filing.
ONE DAYFiling application for trademark / design registration with IPOS
ONE DAYIPOS acknowledges trademark application with Application Trademark Number. Design Application Acknowledgement
takes about one month from filing application. Applicant able to place 'tm' to the mark filed. Filing application is visible on IPOS website.
TWO TO FOUR MONTHS IPOS carries out cross-examination on trademark in accordance to Trade Mark Act. If required, Trademark Office will seek clarifications and if necessary, amendments to rectify or re-file the case as deemed via additional costs.
TWO TO FOUR MONTHS Upon successful completion of Examination Stage by IPOS, trademark application goes into Publication Stage. Trademark is published in Trademark Journal that can be accessed by any member of Public for opposition on the use of the mark. If opposed, appropriate responses/legal actions have to be taken.
ONE TO FOUR WEEKSIf no opposition, there is successful registration of trademark. A Certificate of Registration would be generated out by IPOS that will be valid for ten years. Certificate will be emailed out to Client.

A simple query via email is all that is required to start-off…

To date, we have handle trademark filing applications and queries from more than 500 companies… they possibly cannot be wrong to engage us…

We cater to all type of businesses to respond on intellectual property matters.  Our prices are one-time quotes with all-inclusive fees, for smooth transaction till receipt of certificate. We look forward to hassle-free environment with many of our transactions done within a few hours upon engaging us.

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Dave Singh
Consultant / Trademark Attorney
(Reg No. 53136031L)
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Trademark registration on logos, brands, words in Singapore. Registered Designs to protect designs for industrial use. Local trademark agency in SG.

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